Using Python to find occurrences of Friday the 13th

Fri 13 September 2013 by Matthew Scott

Happy Friday the 13th!

For some, Friday the 13th is thought of to be rare and superstitious.

Approximately 1 out of 30 people occasionally have their birthday on a Friday the 13th. (And who doesn’t like having a birthday on a Friday?)

Superstition and late Friday nights aside, let ...

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How to upgrade and secure an early-2008 MacBook using SSD and bootable backups

Mon 12 August 2013 by Matthew Scott

With SSD prices dropping below $1/GB, I recently completed the final step in completely maximizing the hardware performance of my early-2008 MacBook. If you have a similar MacBook, you can make it feel brand new again! This guide will tell you how. Plus, learn how to keep your data secure against human error, loss, theft, or natural disaster!

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What is BREACH? How can we protect Django websites from it?

Wed 07 August 2013 by Matthew Scott

At the Black Hat 2013 conference, researchers announced the BREACH attack. I took some time to read their paper and consider what effect it has on Django projects I help maintain. Here are my notes on how the BREACH attack works, and which mitigation steps can be applied immediately.

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Using functools.partial to join paths in Python

Sat 23 March 2013 by Matthew Scott

While writing a new test module earlier today, I had to repeatedly load files from a directory of test data.

The Functional Programming with Python given at US PyCon 2013 by Mike Müller of Python Academy inspired me to brush up on the functools module in the Python standard library ...

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Speed up video to get through lots of conference recordings

Sat 23 March 2013 by Matthew Scott

If you speed up an audio or audio/video recording, you can often retain just as much information as you would when listening at normal speed. Some say they can retain even more, but at the very least it saves you time. Here are some tips to shave hours off the time you spend catching up on conference recordings.

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Before 11craft: technical works and writings

Wed 30 May 2012 by Matthew Scott

As I prepare new ideas for Stacks, I thought I'd reflect on some technical works and writing from my past. Here is a selection of articles I wrote for my personal blog, circa 2006-2007.

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Cassowary, Cocoa Autolayout, and enaml constraints

Tue 22 May 2012 by Matthew Scott

Learn how the Cassowary algorithm works with a GUI toolkit, how you can make use of Cassowary using Cocoa Autolayout or Enthought enaml, and how the two toolkits compare for creating a GUI layout with moderate complexity.

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